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Programming - Website development

New site or redesign

Every site should be backed up by a good analysis of business needs. 

You have a site and want to attract more customers, or you are starting a new business and need a completely new site. Either way we will analyze your needs and then prepare best strategy to be visible and bring customers to your company.

We always choose the very best solution for you. It may be

  • small web presentation,
  • landing page for a product,
  • complete shop system,
  • company intranet,
  • social page,
  • booking system,
  • etc.

Do you want to know more about this? Do you want to know how do we work? Or you may contact us and we will discuss the details right now.

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Cooperation - Work with us

Let's collaborate

Outsource the programming, focus on your strengths, we'll care  about the rest.

Do you have some great project and don't have capacity to develop it? Or you want to outsource some work? We are offering some of our skilled developers team capacity for your project. We will work together to reach your goal. 

 With our team reaching the goal is easier. We are able of

  • backend programming,
  • frontend programming,
  • mobile applications  
  • and desktop applications.

Check the list of our skills available for you. It may not be complete, we are constantly working hard on ourselves.  If you are  interested or missing something feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to discuss and offer the solution for you.


Space for your site

Hosting is a place where your web lives. Security, performance and availability are our tasks.

We will provide a technological background for your presentation. Our webhosting services  are placed on  modern servers, are fully backed up and constantly monitored. We focus on your needs and we will prepare personalized offer right for you. You can count on our reliable servers. We may host for you

  • presentations,
  • e-commerce systems,
  • personal or company cloud services

For detailed information and personal offer please contact us.

SEO and marketing

SEO and marketing

Be different. Be better then others. Get the right message to the customers.

We will reach the customers for you with the right message. If the customer is attracted by the right phrase at right time he will take an action. Action you want him to do. We can analyze if you are perceived the way you want to. If no, we will offer a solution for you. We can do

  • SEO analysis and fixes,
  • run a campaing on social network, 
  • prepare advertising campaign thorough the internet,
  • promote a new product

Sometimes a simple change of single word can increase the time the customers stays on your page. Change a color of a button can rise sales by several per-cent points.  We can make it for you and together run a successful campaign. Let your business grow, ask us how we can make it.

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