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My site is not going well with mobiles and tablets

At the recent years the mobile traffic rising up and mostly it takes more then one third of the traffic on the site. BE PREPARED. This trend is still growing up. If the customer have some difficulties in viewing the site he leaves immediately. Don't let your customers come away.

How to fix this? At first we need to inspect the situation and we will offer the best solution for you. Generally we may offer just to fix some of the issues or to completely redesign the site. To analyze current state we need only a URL of your site and contact on you.

Fixing the bad mobile look

To fix the issues we will inspect the site deeply and we will need direct access to the site like FTP, CMS login. Then we prepare the changes of style and page code to be mobile friendly and responsive. The you may enjoy your new look on smart mobile phones and tablets.

New design for the site

Great choice, we will present several design proposals to choose from. All of them are mobile friendly and responsive to width of the screen. Also we will incorporate the rich snippets for google and meta-tags for better sharing on social networks and SEO optimizations.

Are you interested? Please contact us and we will discuss the details with you.

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I want to change my hosting provider

We can offer flawless transfer to our servers. Offering great customer care, top reliability and great price to value ratio. You may check our plans or directly contact us to get your personal offer.


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My customers are on facebook, I want to reach them

Facebook page, and in companion the Facebook ads are great tool to reach potential audience present on facebook. Facebook page is a good start, it’s free and as a good start it is a good place to provide basic info about the business. Also it's good to publish special offers and keep your users engaged. Once the user likes your page, and there surely be some likes, the user will receive notifications whenever you publish post on your page. You will then get a great channel to reach your customers for free.

And it does not stops here. Another step is to make some advertisement. Starting from 5€ a day you may reach many customers based on their age, family state, location etc. This will give you powerful marketing or promotional tool.

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Why should I want a page on Google+

Google+ is a social network bit different from the Facebook. The real benefit of presence on the Google+ network is, that it is closely connected with google search. The page for the business is free of charge and brings many benefits.

While customers are searching the google, your business page is then presented in the map result and on google+. It also gets boost in while searching is taken on mobile phones.

Note, that set up google place takes some time. Google wants to verify the local business with a letter addressed to the company. This can not be skipped, but before the letter arrives the place page can be optimized.

The place will reveal it’s potential when users post reviews.

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Should I promote my business on facebook?

It depends. It depends on the goals you want to achieve and if the target audience is present on facebook. In general, if you run a local business, it’s always a good channel to attract visitors this way, but first and recommended step is to set up a facebook page for the business.

The best benefits of Facebook ads is great availability of segmentation, if the users have filled the info correctly. So you can reach your perfect audience for your business.

The costs are directly under your control, you can set budget on daily basis on or campaign basis and offer the price per click you are willingness to pay.

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Is AdWords advertising good for me?

As always, to the decision point comes several factors.

  • Who you want to reach? - here is it on content basis
  • What will he be probably searching for? - required keyword analysis

AdWords does not as good segmentation possibilities as Facebook has, but it is going a bit better lately. The core of the advertisement is the phrase. Which keywords are you expecting the user will be searching for. There are some high competing phrases that would cost more, but some specific phrases can be used for a reasonable price.

Prior the start of the campaign we need to set up entry page - the page user will come to, there should be clearly visible the relevant info, customer searched for. Very important, this is the difference between successful campaign and just a waste of the money. And prepare the keyword analysis.

Do you want to try some ad campaign on Google?

Is tracking tool so important?

Yes it is. And it is really mandatory when starting some advertising. It helps to track down the behavior of the customers, where are they coming from, where are they leaving. Do they completing our goals? And when the campaign is on it can calculate the cost of a visitor and conversion rate.

The standard is a Google analytics, but it is not the only one. If the most of the visitors are from facebook then the Facebook Pixel is more appropriate.

If you are concerned about privacy and you want your own data to be protected, there is a Piwik analytics, that can run on personal hardware. But it lacks then the ability to provide additional data as Google Analytics+AdWords or Facebook Pixel+FacebookAd does.

Do you want to get better insights to customers befavior?

I don’t have a website, I want a website

We can prepare the website for our business. It it’s from our company it will be prepared with respect to all the modern standards.

Why the website helps your business grow

More and more people are on the internet searching to fulfill their needs. Also for B2B is crucial to have a professional presentation. That will provide a customer or a business partner the relevant information about your company and quick contact info. 

The site can be of several forms and sizes. It may be a

  • small presentation - several pages, contact info, core information about the business and how to reach contact person
  • complex presentation - price offers, booking system, product presentations, …
  • e-commerce solution - selling goods online, one page or complex e-shop.

There is an option to just prepare the site on social platforms if the platform is relevant for the business. It may be place on Google+ network. It may be a Facebook page. 

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